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Plots and Shopping Lists

Comic by Tom Gauld
Comic by Tom Gauld

Hey, it happens. Actually, a shopping list is very important to the plot in the upcoming Down the Tubes. Should I share it here? Hmm. Why not? This is one of four letters that end up misdelivered by the pneumatic tube system:

I wish to order for home delivery the following items:

Two dozen fresh, large strawberries
A bottle of a nice wine. Surprise me.
Chocolate for eating and not for baking
One loaf of fresh wheat bread
A bottle of milk with lots of cream floating on top
A dozen eggs, any color, but not any bird. Chicken, please.
One large whole trout, but only if very fresh. Otherwise a tin of tuna.
Two big handfuls of fresh spinach

Please deliver on Tuesday, six o’clock. That’s the P.M. o’clock, not the A.M. o’clock. If it were the A.M. o’clock, I would be ordering lots and lots of coffee beans.

PS: I am not ordering coffee beans this week.

As always, thank you in advance for your usual excellent, professional service!

Chloe Dove
5th Floor Number 515
Wedgeworth Villas
Brassbright City