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Posts published in “Down the Tubes”

Fantasy Faire 2016 Literary Festival

In a beautiful crystal pavilion in a richly enchanted land, there will be a special place for literary events as Fantasy Faire celebrates the power of words with its second Literary Festival. Here we shall stage readings, workshops, story-telling sessions and discussion groups, all around the theme of Fantasy.

Down The Tubes Cover Reveal

It's been a good day for your intrepid author. I completed NaNoWriMo this morning, submitting a 50,488 word document for validation. It's chock full of future short stories, vignettes, a holiday tale and a cookbook, all set in Industralia! More on these projects as they near publication.

But there's something else happening, too! A little cat is starting to crawl out of the bag... or is that a rat? Well! Let's keep the bookwriting fun going a little longer today... how about a COVER REVEAL?

Do Clockworks Dream of Gear-Toothed Sheep?

A dear, dear friend's dream just became a reality. As we all know, the best dreams come true not so much from sleeping as from hard work. This author has put in the work. An epic fantasy that echoes some of the most beloved classic children's tales of all time, E. P. Isaacs's Do Clockworks Dream of Gear-Toothed Sheep? inspires children to see themselves for who they truly are—and never let go.

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