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Down The Tubes Cover Reveal

It’s been a good day for your intrepid author. I completed NaNoWriMo this morning, submitting a 50,488 word document for validation. It’s chock full of future short stories, vignettes, a holiday tale and a cookbook, all set in Industralia! More on these projects as they near publication.

But there’s something else happening, too! A little cat is starting to crawl out of the bag… or is that a rat? Well! Let’s keep the bookwriting fun going a little longer today… how about a COVER REVEAL? This will be the second book in the Brassbright Chronicles, and will be released as early in 2016 as I am capable of. My thanks to artist Tanya Paterson for making my rambling, incoherent description of what was in my head a better reality that even I imagined.


Down the Tubes Cover Art