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Stories and Poetry

More Stories From the Brassbright Universe

The Steamkettle Kids and the Lucky Tentacles
After a hurricane shakes up Steamkettle Bay, Paisley Pockets, Christopher Cogan and Jimmy Cupper have an adventure as big as the sea.
(For Ages 10 to 16)

Hide and Go Eeek!
Twelve-year olds Wilhelmina, Priscilla and Henry are best friends, looking for an adventure in Brassbright City.  They found more than they asked for.
(For Ages 10 to 16)

Various Stories and Poems

On The Wind
Is it a ghost story? You decide. Set in 1928.
(For Ages 16 to Adults)

Trolling For Answers
When your entire village is built on top of a giant stone book being held by an even bigger giant stone troll… you have questions. And little Humphrey is asking them.
(For Ages 10 to Adults)

Poetry About Tea: “Tisane, Tisain’t” and “Four Shades of Tea”
Two smart/silly poems about tea, written for and read aloud at The Grand Tea during 2016’s AnomalyCon
(For Ages 16 to Adults)
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