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Full Steam Ahead: A Short Story Collection Where Kids Save the Day

A collection of the “Brassbright Kids” stories PLUS a brand-new novelette!

The Steamkettle Kids Save the Day – Can Paisley Pockets and Christopher Cogan stop a crime in progress? They may be just a couple of kids, but where there’s a will and some smarts, there just might be a way.

The Legend of The Engineer – In a country called Industralia, children listen to a New Year’s story about Frostica, the Engineer, and a magical train.

A Life Invented – Gerard Liddle tinkers with his very first inventions – which sometimes work, and sometimes do unexpected things.

The Steamkettle Kids and the Lucky Tentacles – After a hurricane shakes up Steamkettle Bay, Paisley Pockets, Christopher Cogan and Jimmy Cupper have an adventure as big as the sea.

~ NEW ~ The Secret of Tarragon Alley – Robin dreams of having a garden filled with flowers, just like Gramma did. When he brings home a little clay pot filled with gnarly, weird plants, he has no idea that it will take him on an amazing adventure.


“This collection of short stories takes place in a slightly different world, where cities feel like industrial age England and vehicles are powered by steam rather than gasoline. This can be a formula for gritty stories, but these stores of Industralia are hopeful and positive and portray the ingeniuty of its citizens.” – Chris B.

“Taking place in the late 1800s, the environment in which the children find themselves is old fashioned compared to the present, which means that life moves at a slower pace than the modern day. Engaging dialogue and vivid descriptions bring the stories to life while large font and brief chapters make the tales readily absorbed by young audiences. Families will enjoy reading these stories together, especially because each one can be read in its entirety in one sitting. Additionally, the language and events described in the text are suitable for a range of ages, and children will be encouraged to discover their own adventures after reading the tales found in this collection.” – Riverdancer

“These clever short stories were easy to read, and fun for the whole family. I particularly liked The Legend of the Engineer for its humour and holiday feel. I was also intrigued with how well the author built a wonderfully unique city, through these stories, and made such a place feel like home.” – Author Andrew McCurdy