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Full Steam Ahead: A Short Story Collection Where Kids Save the Day

Full Steam Ahead Cover Art
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A collection of the “Brassbright Kids” stories PLUS a brand-new novelette!

The Steamkettle Kids Save the Day – Can Paisley Pockets and Christopher Cogan stop a crime in progress? They may be just a couple of kids, but where there’s a will and some smarts, there just might be a way.

The Legend of The Engineer – In a country called Industralia, children listen to a New Year’s story about Frostica, the Engineer, and a magical train.

A Life Invented – Gerard Liddle tinkers with his very first inventions – which sometimes work, and sometimes do unexpected things.

The Steamkettle Kids and the Lucky Tentacles – After a hurricane shakes up Steamkettle Bay, Paisley Pockets, Christopher Cogan and Jimmy Cupper have an adventure as big as the sea.

~ NEW ~ The Secret of Tarragon Alley – Robin dreams of having a garden filled with flowers, just like Gramma did. When he brings home a little clay pot filled with gnarly, weird plants, he has no idea that it will take him on an amazing adventure.

“This collection of short stories takes place in a slightly different world, where cities feel like industrial age England and vehicles are powered by steam rather than gasoline. This can be a formula for gritty stories, but these stores of Industralia are hopeful and positive and portray the ingenuity of its citizens.” – Chris B.

“Taking place in the late 1800s, the environment in which the children find themselves is old fashioned compared to the present, which means that life moves at a slower pace than the modern day. Engaging dialogue and vivid descriptions bring the stories to life while large font and brief chapters make the tales readily absorbed by young audiences.” – Riverdancer

“These clever short stories were easy to read, and fun for the whole family. I particularly liked The Legend of the Engineer for its humour and holiday feel. I was also intrigued with how well the author built a wonderfully unique city, through these stories, and made such a place feel like home.” – Author Andrew McCurdy


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