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What Is Industralia?

Even if you have not yet visited the country of Industralia, it might seem familiar. It’s a bit like England, with a large handful of the American Midwest thrown in, and just a sprinkle of Australia to keep things interesting. The Rust Mountains, which run the length of the country, may even have a hidden portal to India.

Modern times in Industralia closely resemble our own Victorian Era (1837 to 1901). If you are familiar with that time in history, you will recall the exciting and ‘mostly safe’ steampowered trains and horseless carriages, the beautifully cluttered home decor, the elaborate style of dress with a penchant for fanciful hats, and especially, the genteel behavior.

However, there is no Queen Victoria in Industralia, so of course its citizens do not know they are living in a Victorian-style era. They simply call it ‘right now’ and go on about the business of living.

If you were to visit Industralia, you would notice that many service-level jobs, such as door attendants and hat check clerks, are filled by ‘tikkerbots’. These are mechanical, human-shaped creations stuffed with machinery that resembles clockworks and music boxes. If you looked up, you would see airships of all sizes cruising through the skies. Industralian children play with clockwork toys and dream of growing up to become inventors, engineers and builders. If you lived in the country’s largest metropolis, Brassbright City, you would be accustomed to having your daily mail arrive with a thoomp via your home’s personal pneumatic postal tube.

There are other differences between our world and Industralia, but there are also plenty of similarities as well. People are people, after all, no matter what reality they call their own. While many writers choose to examine the darker side of humanity, I prefer to focus on the lighter side of life, as I take you on exciting adventures throughout Industralia and the fascinating world beyond. Sure, there are some rotten apples in my bushel basket, but things tend to come up apple pie in the end. If you enjoy fanciful fiction with a touch of humor, then you may enjoy spending time getting to know the people and places of Industralia.