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Learning To Fly With My Pants On

Chives is right. And once my tea has finished brewing, I will be writing. This second novel in the Brassbright series has become more than just a book-to-be. Down the Tubes is my own personal writer’s classroom. It’s taught me so much and I still have more to learn before it’s completed and published.

What have I learned so far?

  • While ‘pantsing’ it (writing with no outline, just a notion in my head and by the seat of my pants) is a fun romp for a first draft, it’s not worth the work I’m putting into the second, third, fourth and fifth drafts.
  • Minor characters sometimes demand to become major characters. And they don’t always like their own story conclusion. If I try to write against the needs of a character, I end up with weak people and unsatisfactory storytelling.
  • Continuity must be… continuous! Another great reason to start with an outline.
  • In spite of the challenges I’ve inadvertently created, I still love this book. 🙂 And I hope you will too, when it’s finally finished.