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The Flight to Brassbright

Constance is a wild, stubborn young girl growing up poor in a small industrial town in the late 1800’s. Beneath her thread-worn exterior beats the heart of a dreamer and a wordsmith. But at age twelve, she’s orphaned. Running away to join the circus—like kids do in adventure books—seems like such a brilliant idea… or is it?

“This is one of my ten-year-old daughter’s “bedstand books.” She keeps it by her bed, and I find her reading it over and over. When she accidentally left her hard copy at home when she went to her grandparents’, we had to get her a soft copy for her tablet. She loves Constance! – Cathy Karas

“Clever and entertaining, with the kind of wordplay that leads to reading it with a highlighter. (I bought it on Kindle and after 3 chapters went right back and got a “real” copy so I could do just that. While I was there I ordered copies of the rest of Ms. Holuta’s books).” – B. Kozlowski

“A beautiful coming of age story that shows that although dark days loom over us all, a positive outlook on life can make even the worse situations feel better. The heroine, Constance Whittlesey, tells her story in the first person, bringing a storyteller’s charm to the entire adventure.”  – Author Joseph Gatch

“Lea Popielinski does a great job with the narration, her accents and cadence is perfect for the storyline.” – DW Plato

“The Flight to Brassbright is a fantastic Sunday afternoon friend. After circumstances which necessitate she leave her home, young Constance’s adventures take off at the big top in this character driven story that is a safe and fun read for all ages.” – Andrew Douglas

“Lori Alden Holuta’s debut novel is a delightful read that will appeal to teens and young adults as well as some not-so-young adults. The tone is light and witty–I found myself smiling often at a turn of phrase or laughing at a clever twist–and the themes are positive and uplifting.” – Mark Nofsinger

“Let Constance grab you by the hand and bring you along on her trip across Industralia. She (and her author) are fine storytellers with buckets of descriptive phrases and can-do optimism.” – Chris B.

“This book is the perfect antidote to the doldrums. It’s all the adventure you wanted from running away to join the carnival. And this one’s steampowered! I listened to this on a grey winter day and forgot to eat lunch and dinner, that’s how immersed I was.” – Author Olivia Wylie

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