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Beyond Brassbright – Other Published Works

Fiction Anthologies

My story: “Janet! At the Disco”
We Came to Dance: A Queer Anthology Benefitting Club Q
Edited by O.E. Tearmann and V.S. Holmes
Published by Amphibian Press,  November 18,2023, 393 pages.

We Came To Dance

My story: “Magic Mirror”
Winner – Honorable Mention and Judges’ Choice awards

Clarity: Queer Sci Fi’s 9th Annual Flash Fiction Contest
Edited by J. Scott Coatsworth,  Other Worlds Ink, October 5, 2022, 294 pages.


September 8, 2020
“Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California: The neighborhood of Eagle Rock is named after a gigantic boulder with a shadowy surprise.”

Atlas Obscura