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Brassbright In The Wild

Recently a friend who quite aptly goes by the nickname "Bookworm" purchased four copies of The Flight To Brassbright. She donated them all to Little Free Libraries in South Minneapolis and Richfield, Minnesota. What a delightful act of kindness!

Hungry? A Review To Devour!

If you've ever read my own writing (and if not, here, have a cookie, my you are looking nice today, is that a new haircut?) knows that I'm a foodie. My characters indulge in lavish meals, and seem to always be hungry for the next one. So, it's very fitting that J.B. Garner has reviewed my book, The Flight To Brassbright, at his 'Starving Author' site, which carries a fun foodie-theme throughout.

Constance Speaks!

Auditions are underway for "The Flight To Brassbright" Audio Book. So far, really good! Would you like to audition for the voice of Constance? (and all the background voices too, whew!) You are very welcome to give it a go.

I Love Libraries!

If you are a librarian. If you know a librarian. If you have a library card. Please indulge me? See, book royalties are nice, but I knew from the get-go I wasn't going to get rich being an author. What I *want* is to be read, and enjoyed, and possibly remembered later in life for providing a memorable experience. Libraries help me fulfill that wish. Here's a new page at my website with information for librarians and library enthusiasts!

Zoom Zoom?

If you've read The Flight To Brassbright then you know about that brilliant, ill-fated inventor, Gerard Liddle. These motorized skates made me think of him right away! He'd probably have called them Liddle Rollers.

Read an Ebook Week!

At one minute past midnight Pacific time on March 1, the special Smashwords "Read an Ebook" promotion catalog goes live on the Smashwords home page. Readers can browse the catalog and search by coupon code levels and categories. At the stoke of 12:00am Pacfiic time on March 8, the catalog disappears.

Hello, Reader? Thank You.

I’m riding a happy wave of encouragement, thanks to the thoughtful and downright amazing reviews that readers have shared for The Flight To Brassbright. This…

Brassy Marketing

I was in a 'make all the stuff!' mood today. After goofing about with various graphics, words and templates, I've now got a big fistful of laminated bookmarks, all ready to give away locally.

I figure anyone can print a flyer. They usually are glanced at and then tossed. Why not take a tiny step further and make something both informative and also useful? I know personally, I can never have too many bookmarks - but I'm usually reading about nine books at a time.