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Extraordinary Dorks Book Club

“The League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club meets twice monthly within Second Life: 2nd Monday 7pm SLT for our book of the month, 4th Monday for our movie of the month.”

On August 8, 2016, I had the honor of participating as my book, The Flight To Brassbright, was discussed by the League of Extraordinary Dorks. 😀  It was a lovely evening, as we all perched on floating rocks and land with a nearby air bridge connecting to incoming airships (you can’t not love virtual reality)

And here is the transcript!

Mako Kungfu: yay hi ceejay!
cat: hi ceejay!
Ceejay Writer: HIYA!
Sehra Kauffman: hI Ceejay!
Gailyana Mehler: hello
cat: are those THE wings
Ceejay Writer: YES they are!
Mako Kungfu: oh awesome 🙂
Ceejay Writer: Gimme a sec, moving like a snail.
Gailyana Mehler: yay
Ceejay Writer: Also do you guys use chat or voice?
cat: excellent!
cat: we type
cat: hello loki
Gailyana Mehler: hello loki
Loki: hi everyone
Ceejay Writer: YAY cause since Windows 10 , I am having trouble setting voice.
cat: oh okay good
cat: we are a typey book club
Loki: typing is more fool proof
cat: hello ariel!
Loki: especially for people with family around 🙂
Ariel Wingtips: hello
Ceejay Writer: Im so glad. I prefer to type.
cat: i think we are just waiting for coyote
cat: mako did you just rez yourself a pillow?
cat: lol
Gailyana Mehler: hello Ari
Ariel Wingtips: hi!
cat: oh ariel!
Mako Kungfu: lol i’m trying to put down seats!
cat: where is your poop
Ceejay Writer throws headphones to the curb. Now to find a place to sit!
Ariel Wingtips: well i dont have any poo
Ariel Wingtips: i wish i could have made a LAUNCHER in honor of this story!
cat: deducting points from your costume!
Ceejay Writer: Ariel… that would have been awesome.
cat: what would you have launched, ariel?
Ariel Wingtips: yeah!
Ariel Wingtips: people launch!
Ariel Wingtips: well maybe myself
Ariel Wingtips: hahaha
Ariel Wingtips: or
Mako Kungfu: oof sorry cat
Ariel Wingtips: as an elephant i could fling pooh
cat: hello alanna!
Ariel Wingtips: i could launch paul bunyan
Alanna Robbiani: Hello hello!
Ariel Wingtips: that would be close
Ariel Wingtips: awesome!!!
Alanna Robbiani: Hi Ceejay!
Ariel Wingtips: whispers: brb phone
Ceejay Writer:HI!
cat: okay coyote is online
cat: we have quorum
Gailyana Mehler: lol
Ceejay Writer: Quorum! Very good crumbled with feta cheese.
cat: i will rez some pillows you guys
cat: one sec
Ceejay Writer: Oh wait that’s Qorn
Alanna Robbiani: HI Coy
cat: hello coy!
Ariel Wingtips: back
cat: lol ceejay
Coyote Pace: hello, good evening!
Ariel Wingtips: 🙂
Ariel Wingtips: hi coy
Loki: hey coyote
Coyote Pace waves
Gailyana Mehler: hi Coy
Coyote Pace: g’evening!
Coyote Pace: I see why the flying warning was given 🙂
Ceejay Writer: Pillowzzzzz!
cat: is that enough
Mako Kungfu: i think so lol
Sehra Kauffman: Ha! I’m totally smushing my poor squirrel friend into the ground!
Mako Kungfu: everyone have a spot to sit? ceejay, i put out the nice green cushion for you
Mako Kungfu: behind ariel’s canon lol
Ceejay Writer: Cool!
cat: okay
Ariel Wingtips: ok
Mako Kungfu: sorry for the bit of cluster, i only had a bit of time to whip up a build
Ceejay Writer: I just cammed out, fun lil setup you have here.
cat: this looks great!
Alanna Robbiani: No worries, Mako!
Ariel Wingtips: love i
cat: thanks for making it for us!
Gailyana Mehler: it’s awesome
Ariel Wingtips: it!
Mako Kungfu: it was supposed to be… like an airship rest stop lol
Ceejay Writer: And I was futzing with Voice and happy you don’t use it!
Ceejay Writer: This is…. a resort in the peaks of the Rust Mountains, methinks.
Mako Kungfu: well it’s a poor excuse for a tea room over in the bunker lol
Mako Kungfu: so have we ever had the author present before?
Ceejay Writer: Pfffft tea. Coffee’s better.
Mako Kungfu: lol
Gailyana Mehler: almost
Mako Kungfu: yeah almost
Mako Kungfu: shakes her fist goodnaturedly at Toby Downton lol
cat: first time! yay!
Mako Kungfu: so who finished?
Ariel Wingtips: i did
Ariel Wingtips: yay!
Ariel Wingtips: \o/
Mako Kungfu: woot!
Ceejay Writer: I did! 😀
Ariel Wingtips: it was a fast read
Mako Kungfu: lol
Gailyana Mehler: I did!
Loki: I did in a burst last night
Mako Kungfu: so ceejay, finishing (or even starting) isn’t required
Mako Kungfu: but we try 🙂
Ceejay Writer: It was meant to be a light, zooming read.
Ariel Wingtips: it was just what i needed
Mako Kungfu: i read it on an airplane a few months ago. breezed through the whole thing on the flight, it was perfect
Ceejay Writer: Aww, yay!
Ariel Wingtips: Mako did you pick the book?
Ceejay Writer: Mako Kungfu: yeah… and i’m not like super prepared, you guys, i was building when i should have been reviewing and thinking of questions lol sorry
Mako Kungfu: so anyone please jump in if you have Qs for ceejay
Mako Kungfu: i can start though
Ceejay Writer: Totally happy to wing it. WING IT. See what I did there.
Ariel Wingtips: lol
Alanna Robbiani: I haven’t read it, the library copy I ordered isn’t cataloged yet. But I’d like to know how you decided on this topic/world to write about, Ceejay?
Mako Kungfu: tell us how the story grew in your head, how it evolved. i’m very curious how much was SL inspired! 🙂
Alanna Robbiani: All that^
Ariel Wingtips: ^^
Ceejay Writer: WELL. This avatar here, Ceejay. Cee Jay. CJ. Constance Jessamine. 😉 The character grew from the avatar.
Ariel Wingtips: oh cool
Alanna Robbiani: oh interesting
Gailyana Mehler: oh!
Mako Kungfu: oh! lol i totally did not catch that!
Ariel Wingtips: i was wondering about your inspiration for the main character
cat: can someone take good pictures? my screen is being weird
Ceejay Writer: Basically, I was trying to write a short bio for my character in the website for the City of New Babbage, which you all should visit inworld.
Coyote Pace: iirc we had an LEDBC meeting there some time back!
Ceejay Writer: The bio got out of hand. Turned into a story. Eventually I stopped posting chapters of it when I realized I might have a chance at a book
Ceejay Writer: Industralia is a cleaner version of New Babbage. LOTS less soot. I aimed for cleaner, more optimistic steampunk. I was a bit burnt out on reading dreary, oppressive stuff. I love ya Cherie Priest but good gosh.
Ceejay Writer: I enjoy reading Young Adult stuff, it’s relaxing and fun, so that was my target.
Ariel Wingtips: what was your inspiration for the boldness of the main character? She was so fearless
Ariel Wingtips: her personality is so fun
Loki: yes, I liked her character, optimistic and confident
Ceejay Writer: Weird as it seems, I let her define herself. I wrote a lot of test pages from various personalities for her, but Constance insisted she would do it this way. Writers are odd that way. 🙂
Ceejay Writer: And I thought a bold, brave woman might be good for YA.
Alanna Robbiani: Indeed!
Ceejay Writer: Though, you have to admit, she was also oblivious and far too trusting. But I can’t bear to give her an unhappy result.
Ceejay Writer: I also wanted a slight undercurrent of sitcom. Steampunk needs more comedy.
Ceejay Writer: Any other questions?
Mako Kungfu: was it a challenge to tie everything together?
Mako Kungfu: i mean, the girl moves around a lot lol
Alanna Robbiani: You said you stopped posting when you thought you might have a chance at a book. Did you get any feedback from your initial postings that were useful in writing the book?
Ceejay Writer: Not really… I let this story flow organically. I had NO outline. I just kept writing into areas that seemed logical to come next.
Ceejay Writer: I got a lot of positive feedback on the ‘bio’ that was taking over the forum… everyone wanted more and more. I took that as a positive.
Mako Kungfu: wow interesting. i thought you did a great job with the flow. it could have easily become chaos – lots of new characters, locations, events, etc. but the reader really does take the journey with her
Ceejay Writer: Mako… I think of it as a steampunk road trip.
Coyote Pace: did you find you had to rearrange some bits later, at some point?
Mako Kungfu: heh that’s perfect
cat: i have a question… what was your inspiration for Letitica Liddle? I loved how she got all the idioms wrong but was super confident about her memory and way with words
Ceejay Writer: My inspiration was The Wizard Of Oz.
Ceejay Writer:Dorothy didn’t know where she was going and made friends along the way.
Ceejay Writer: LETITICA! I loved writing her. She was inspired by my personal love of wordplay and puns and other goofy word stuff. She’s also modeled after an ancient tabletop roleplay character I had named Trippy Lightfoot. She had the topknot and was very short.
Ariel Wingtips: she was fun
Ariel Wingtips: which character was your favorite for this book?
Ceejay Writer: I didn’t really rearrange things Coyote… though my editor insisted I add some things. Like Brassbright Canyon for the Jasmine to travel through. I didn’t think of that initially.
Ceejay Writer: My favorite? Nathaniel. 🙂
Coyote Pace: the Tin Man! 😛
Ceejay Writer: YES
Sehra Kauffman: What character or plot section was the biggest challenge to write?
Ceejay Writer: And I hope everyone has a Nathaniel in their life. It should be mandatory.
Ceejay Writer: The scenes on the Jasmine were difficult, as I didn’t know HOW an airship was built, or moored, or fueled…. I had to research a lot.
Mako Kungfu: did SL come in handy there?
Mako Kungfu: grins
Ceejay Writer: Hee. A bit for mooring towers! Babbage to the rescue again.
Mako Kungfu: this was your first book, right? and you self-published. can you give us a summuppance of that adventure?
Ceejay Writer: (BTW, another writer, Sheryl Nantus, writes her books while sitting around in New Babbage. She’s got a fun one called Wild Cards and Iron Horses)
Ceejay Writer: Well, this book took a few years, as I wasn’t really trying to make a deadline or such, so I just noodled around with it in spare time. And it is my first published book – self-published.
Ceejay Writer: Self publishing isn’t horribly hard, but there’s a learning curve for using online software, mostly. And it takes time to read all the agreements. I’m happy to advise if anyone needs.
Mako Kungfu: but self-promotion and such… you’ve been going to cons 🙂
Ceejay Writer: I spent six months trying to land an agent when it was done, too.
Ceejay Writer: No one wanted me! I don’t mind. 🙂
Alanna Robbiani: Was that essential?
Ceejay Writer: I got lucky with cons – I have lots of friends who organize them and got ‘mandatory invited”
Ceejay Writer: I don’t believe an agent is essential, no. I wanted to take my journey in order though, and for whatever reasons, I had a longstanding thought that I should try to get an agent.
Ceejay Writer: So it’s good I got that search out of my system
cat: so you do have an agent?
cat: and you had an editor?
Ceejay Writer: Nope! No one wanted to represent me. After the 6 months (my own set cutoff), I learned how to self publish
Ceejay Writer: My editor has no choice. I’m married to him.
Ceejay Writer: D
cat: hahahaha
Mako Kungfu: has the SL community been supportive? I went to one of your readings during some big sim event… relay for life maybe? saffia was organizing. there was a nice crowd, people seemed interested. is that generally the case?
Ceejay Writer: He’s very picky, very committed, has OCD and does not let me slide on anything
Ceejay Writer: Yes, I have gotten a lot of nice support from SL! That was the Fantasy Faire, to benefit Relay For Life, I think you saw. Saffers and I go way back too, I was her editor in chief for a couple of inworld magazines.
Mako Kungfu: that’s great 🙂
Mako Kungfu: there is lots of plurky support, obvs
cat: i have a question for the book club… what did you all think of the book? who was your favorite character?
cat: or favorite moment!
Ceejay Writer: Connections help. If any of you are writing, do the events, schmooze, nurture your friend connections.
Ceejay Writer: listens
Ariel Wingtips: I thought the story was very inspirational
Coyote Pace: and well paced
Ariel Wingtips: for anyone in an entrepreneurial or creative journey
Mako Kungfu: i loved the circus part 🙂
Ceejay Writer grins like a goof
Mako Kungfu: but i also loved the airship too
Ariel Wingtips: CJ is an inspiration becuase of her bravery, her attitude – she faced challenging situations but saw it as an adventure vs. nightmare
Ariel Wingtips: people along the way were like open doors to new opportunities
Mako Kungfu: i liked that it kept moving in every way, i related to that a lot lol
cat: i really like that in this story people are nice… in other books when you meet strangers bad things happen or bad people do things to you
Ariel Wingtips: i loved miss penwise – and her insistance on mastering your craft and developing the habit to do so
Ceejay Writer: Mako, you WOULD
cat: here they were nice and helpful
Loki: I enjoyed the transitions, the meeting new people and the bit of tension as she was trying to land safely
cat: i liked that
Ariel Wingtips: some favorite quotes – “Takes a brave woman to fling herself out into the big unknown, with no idea where her next meal is comin’ from or where she’ll sleep at night.”
Ariel Wingtips: i loved how you gave adventure a persona here… When leaving Letitica….
“I can’t greet you again if you won’t go away. Now shoo! Adventure’s out there checking its watch and wondering where you are. You can’t keep it waiting or it might do something wonderful without you.”
Ceejay Writer: Brave… or dumb. 😉
Ariel Wingtips: well i’ve been the dumb/brave one flinging myself out there so i liked it!
Ceejay Writer: Aw, I did enjoy that Letitica quote too. Even writers can be surprised by the words.
Sehra Kauffman: Brave and dumb can go hand in hand quite often.
Ariel Wingtips: that’s me!
Ariel Wingtips: haha!
Ceejay Writer: I’ve done dumb/brave too!
Mako Kungfu: me too 🙂
Ariel Wingtips: i loved this one too: New experiences were becoming my routine – but let’s not confuse ‘routine’ with ‘normal’.
Loki: for some reason I loved, “Friends are just strangers who haven’t yet barged into your house and eaten all your favorite marmalade”
Coyote Pace: you should wrap yourself in pennants for your next meeting, Ariel
Ariel Wingtips: that’s a great one
cat: lol
Ariel Wingtips: HAH!
Gailyana Mehler: lol
Ariel Wingtips: that would rock
Ceejay Writer: I think some of the best lived lives have chosen to shoot from a cannon at some point
Ariel Wingtips: i loved this part too… Miss Penwise
“Writers are often misunderstood. But we struggle to share what’s alive in our minds. Every effort is a brave one and worthy of praise. And within this room, we are all equals. We are family. And if you crush the dreams of anyone else in this room, I will personally throw you out the back door on your sorry tookus!”
Ceejay Writer: Heee. Ah, the marmalade.
Ariel Wingtips: i just finished a book on growth mindset and I am into one on creative habit
Loki: Miss Penwise was a bit scary…and kind
Ariel Wingtips: the cool thing about Miss Penwise is that she totally praises the process, effort, good habits
Loki: about the right amount for a young adult story 🙂
Ariel Wingtips: “how many words?!?!”
Ariel Wingtips: that was awesome
Ariel Wingtips: do you have a #words a day writing habit for yourself?
Ceejay Writer: Word countsw are what writers live by!
Ceejay Writer: I try for at LEAST 500 words a day.
Ariel Wingtips: awesome
Ceejay Writer: Many of them are relegated to the ‘maybe someday sometime but not for this novel’ bin, I will admit.
Ceejay Writer: But it doesn’t matter. Just write
Ariel Wingtips: that habit impresses me
Ceejay Writer: It’s like anything really…. just have to force the habit, and do it even when you aren’t inspired. You can always write stuff for other notions, or simply free form. But build the habit.
Ceejay Writer: And if you are REALLY daring, join me in November for NaNoWrimo!
Mako Kungfu: woot!
Ariel Wingtips: true!
Ceejay Writer: Hee! Mako is my friend there!
Mako Kungfu: i am the laziest mofo in the world, if i can do NaNoWriMo, anyone can lol
Ariel Wingtips: adding that to my list of – seriously think about committing to this…
Ariel Wingtips: HHAHAHAHA
Ceejay Writer: I have three more novels in various stages of disarray – all following on Brassbright’s heels. Nanowrimo helped them all take some sort of form.
Mako Kungfu: and i’ve won multiple times! it’s doable, ariel, you should go for it!
Alanna Robbiani: What do you win?
Ceejay Writer: Airel – yes! Join the madness, and friend me there.
Ariel Wingtips: i just might – you got me to do the sketchbook project
Mako Kungfu: your own respect
Mako Kungfu: lol nothing
Coyote Pace: well, and ours too 🙂
Mako Kungfu: aw yeah, sketchbook project! 😀
Ariel Wingtips: ok i will bug you for info on plurk
Mako Kungfu: aw coy 🙂
cat: so i noticed on amazon when i bought this book that its title was: The Flight To Brassbright (The Brassbright Chronicles Book 1)
cat: how many more books in the series do you plan or envision?
Ceejay Writer: Well, #2 is Down The Tubes, currently going through sloooooow editing but with hopes to be out before years end.
cat: and can you give us any hints of where the story is going?
Ceejay Writer: #3 is The Hidden Doors, mysterious things are afoot in Brassbright City!
Ceejay Writer :#4 is Off The Rails – a train adventure.
Ceejay Writer: All books will bring in more and more characters, but Constance will have a place in all of them.
Ceejay Writer: Down The Tubes features romance… and Max Dodgson.
Ceejay Writer: But there’s another girl besides Constance. DA DA DUNNNN
Mako Kungfu: whaaaaat
Ceejay Writer: Yuuuus. Remember Daphne from the Inkwell?
Mako Kungfu: oooh
Ceejay Writer: The basic premise of Down The Tubes is that letters end up in the wrong pneumatic tubes and are delivered to the wrong people. Who all act on the letters they received and find their lives going a bit twisty.
Ariel Wingtips: clever
cat: what other questions or comments do you have, guys?
cat: mako did you have any more questions?
Ceejay Writer: Was hard to work out logistically. I had to actually WRITE letters, in just a precise way that they could be misconstrued. After that though, it was mostly just fun.
Mako Kungfu: you were working on that when we did camp nanowrimo together, so i was aware of it when i read this book and i was like THE TOOOOOOBES
Ceejay Writer: YES! THE TOOBES!
Mako Kungfu: oh hey, so ceejay has a connection to another author we’ve read at book club – didn’t you get some motivational mentoring from gail carriger?
Ceejay Writer: The book cover is fun for that one too!
cat: oh cool
Ceejay Writer: Yes! Gail is awesome. We met at a con and got into some good conversation about being VERY sure you love the universe you are writing in, because if you do it right you will be stuck there for longer than you imagined.
Ceejay Writer: Another mentor to me is Shelley Adina. Her Magnificent Devices series is heaps of fun.
Ceejay Writer: YA authors are one big lovefest, it would seem.
Ariel Wingtips: did you always want to be a writer?
Ceejay Writer: Ariel… yes. I can say that firmly.
Ariel Wingtips: 🙂
Ariel Wingtips: well i loved your first book \o/
cat: have you gotten any fanmail from readers?
Ceejay Writer:I’m not into writing dark, or dispairing, or woeful. So I fled the adults for YA.
Alanna Robbiani: Plenty of YA is dark and depairing, lol
Alanna Robbiani: despairing
Ceejay Writer:I have gotten ONE fanmail letter! From a year old. She keeps the book on her nightstand and reads bits of it repeatedly.
Mako Kungfu: that. is. awesome
cat: aw!
Ceejay Writer: She was woeful that she was at her grandparents and forgot to bring her book, so I send her a kindle copy and she was thrilled.
Ariel Wingtips: that is so cool
Ceejay Writer: That one fan letter is plenty for me!
Alanna Robbiani: awww
Ariel Wingtips: i wonder what bits she reads repeatedly
Ceejay Writer: She said she likes the entrance to Brassbright City, through the canyon
cat: brb
Ariel Wingtips: that was cool to envision
Ceejay Writer: This is cozy up here, I could stay on this build all night.
Mako Kungfu: aw hehe 🙂
Ariel Wingtips: it is a fun build mako – bravo
Mako Kungfu: thanks
Ceejay Writer: me applauds!
Alanna Robbiani: Do you have any questions for us, Ceejay?
Ceejay Writer: Hmm….. are any of you agents? KIDDING
Alanna Robbiani: hahaha
Ariel Wingtips: lol
Ceejay Writer: I can’t think of any… just hoping you’ll all stay with me for future adventures!
Ariel Wingtips: looking forward to the next one
Coyote Pace: all we have is a ghostwriter, and she ain’t here tonight 😛
Mako Kungfu: an audiobook is in the works, yes?
Ceejay Writer: and if you ever have questions or wonderings, I’m at and you’re welcome to bother me.
Ceejay Writer: Audio book is SLOWLY in the works! It was 100% recorded, but on proofing it I realized the reader pronounced Letitica wrong throughout. Ouch.
Sehra Kauffman: Oof! How did they say it?
Coyote Pace: Oh, Mako LOVES audio book mispronunciations
Mako Kungfu: lol
Ceejay Writer:Newbie mistake for me and her – we should have clarified. But when she muddles through that, I think you will love her voice.
Loki: I had to read her name several times to figure out how I was going to say it
cat: back
Mako Kungfu: yeah what’s your pronunciation of choice there, ceejay
Ceejay Writer: She said it Le-Ti-Ti-Ca, and I had envisioned Le-Ti-Cha.
Ceejay Writer: There’s atip. Clarify all names before an audio recording.
Sehra Kauffman: I read it as Leh-ti-cia
Ariel Wingtips: me too
Coyote Pace: I had it mentally as Lateesha
Mako Kungfu: me too, coy
Coyote Pace: I don’t insist, however 😛
Ceejay Writer:*nods* Those are much closer to right. I’d call them right. But the Le-Ti-Ti-Cia with the double Ti just threw me
Coyote Pace: better than cal-eee-ope
Loki: and I would have said it just about the same as your audiobook reader 🙂
Alanna Robbiani: As an avid audiobook listening, make sure the reader is consistent from book to book. Nothing more frustrating than getting used to a pronunciation and then having it changed later.
Ceejay Writer: My reader was not wrong! We just weren’t co0mmunicating. Tough lesson
Coyote Pace: oh, that’s good advice, A!
Ceejay Writer: Noted, Alanna.
Mako Kungfu: full disclosure: i recently stopped listening to an audiobook because the reader pronounced a name in a way i felt was outlandishly wrong…
Ceejay Writer:IF this reader can put up with this round of corrections, I’d love her to do the next book too. She’s very good and has a sweet, young voice.
Mako Kungfu: turns out that the author intended for the name to be pronounced the way the reader was saying it (they communicated about it, clearly) lol oops
Coyote Pace: oh, CJW: here’s a probably silly question on the book: was the “Butler’s Rebellion” a kind of *Dune* shoutout, by any chance?
Ceejay Writer: Hmmm! Interesting take. No, not based on Dune but now that you say it I can see it. It’s just a concept that grew out of a silly discussion with a friend, actually. It just sort of sprang up.
cat: mako how did you find out? and will you go back to the audiobook then? lol
Mako Kungfu: no i stopped listening, i couldn’t take it, it just felt wrong lol
Mako Kungfu: plus the movie version had my pronunciation lol
Coyote Pace: probably better to stop before you flung your phone against the wall
Ceejay Writer: Finishing a book is never mandatory! Life is too short.
Alanna Robbiani: Oh, I know what book it was! lol
Sehra Kauffman: Now I want to know what book it was
Mako Kungfu: lol it was city of ember. the author intended the heroine’s name (Lina) to be pronounced like LYE-na instead of LEE-na
Ceejay Writer: Ow, I would have thought Lee-na too.
Mako Kungfu: i looked it up because LYE-na was rubbing me the wrong way
Sehra Kauffman: No. I don’t like Lye-na.
Alanna Robbiani: I didn’t mind it. 🙂
Ceejay Writer: Now if it had been spelled Lyna….
Mako Kungfu: yeah
Mako Kungfu shakes a useless fist
Mako Kungfu: lol
Alanna Robbiani: I didn’t know how it was spelled. I only did audio.
Coyote Pace: you need an h at the end for LYN-ah, I’d say
Mako Kungfu: see, ceejay, rebellion if you let Le-tit-ti-ca slide lol
Ceejay Writer: There will never be full agreement on anything in literature.
Ceejay Writer: Yeah, I pondered letting it slide for the sake of just being DONE, but I couldn’t.
Mako Kungfu: good for you
Coyote Pace: and readers are so annoying LOL
cat: lol
Mako Kungfu: lol
Sehra Kauffman: lol
Ceejay Writer: And then of course, she had a cross country move, and needs to re-set up her studio and SIGH
cat: did gail crash?
Ariel Wingtips: yes
Ceejay Writer: Please develop a LOT of patience if you intend to publish. 🙂
Ariel Wingtips: she is having computer issues – reported on plurk
cat: bah
Alanna Robbiani: Well I look forward to the audiobook then!
Ariel Wingtips: well this was awesome! i have to get going super early meeting tomorrow.
Ariel Wingtips: thank you for the awesome book selection
Mako Kungfu: me too, i’m up past my bedtime, alas
Ariel Wingtips: and thank you ceejay for a great story and sharing your book writing adventure
Loki: it was a fun book, I enjoyed it!
Mako Kungfu: thanks for coming and hanging out with us, ceejay!
Ariel Wingtips: nite nite all
Mako Kungfu: night ariel!
Alanna Robbiani: Thanks so much for coming to talk to us, Ceejay!
Ceejay Writer: Thank you all – this discussion has been REALLY rewarding for me
Mako Kungfu: aw yay 🙂
Ceejay Writer: Happy to be here! You lot are great fun!
Sehra Kauffman: Glad to be a part of it.
Mako Kungfu: suck it, toby downton!
Mako Kungfu: jk
Alanna Robbiani: lol
cat: thanks for agreeing to join us!
Loki: at at the opposite end, I haven’t had dinner yet, soooooo
Coyote Pace: yes indeed
Ceejay Writer: Hee! Okay, I should do the dishes and get some sleep. GLAMOROUS LIFE OF A WRITER
Loki: Thank you Ceejay and Mako.
Ceejay Writer: Thank you all again for having me.
Sehra Kauffman: I will admit to eating a big bowl of chili during the meeting.
Mako Kungfu: yum
Coyote Pace: goodnight, goodnight! I must fly as well
cat: night night all
Alanna Robbiani: Great discussion everyone!
cat: i will save the chat log if anyone wants it
Mako Kungfu: night all, thanks for coming!
Coyote Pace: thanks for the thousandths time, Cat
Alanna Robbiani: Night all!
Coyote Pace: and Mako for the build!
Ceejay Writer: Goodnight all, take care and see you in plurk!
cat: lol yoe welcome