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Hungry? A Review To Devour!

Much to my delight, I’ve been reviewed and interviewed by the talented author J.B. Garner.

If you’ve ever read my own writing (and if not, my goodness, here, have a cookie, my you are looking nice today, is that a new haircut?) you know that I’m a foodie. My characters constantly indulge in lavish meals—especially breakfast—and seem to always be hungry for the next meal.

So, it’s very fitting that J.B. Garner has reviewed my book, The Flight To Brassbright, at his ‘Starving Author’ site, which carries a fun foodie-theme throughout. Please visit J.B. Garner – Musings of a Starving Author, and look for his review of my book – and an interview with me, too!

Starving Review: The Flight To Brassbright

Starving Interview: Lori Alden Holuta