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Posts published in “Flight to Brassbright”

A Writer’s Toolbox

Recently I ran a workshop called “Fussy Novels and How to Fix Them” (click link for the workshop’s complete chatlog transcript) in Second Life (as Ceejay Writer, my avatar’s name), at Fantasy Faire’s Literary Festival. At that workshop, I offered a small toolbox, which was stuffed with notecards filled with resources. I’m going to open the toolbox and lay out all the notecards here for anyone and everyone to use.

Please note that these are not meant to be comprehensive ‘everything on the internet’ resources. There are heaps more out there. These happen to be the resources I’ve personally found the most helpful. These are my go-to’s!

Tikkerbot Dreams

Clever readers find many ways to express their appreciation of an author's work. Some of the more creative outlets include fan art, fan fiction and cosplay. Last night during a storytelling event in Second Life, I was delighted to learn that my books have an avid fan.

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary… Constance! What’s The Connection?

Meet one of my favorite people. Lea Popielinski is the voice of Constance (and all her friends) in the Audible version of my novel, The Flight To Brassbright. Here she presents a short history of the real Bloody Mary. Mind you, it’s irreverent and it’s a lot of fun. Lea loves trivia, and that passion has led her to hook up with Geeks Who Drink, who bring homegrown Pub Trivia Quiz events to venues all over the United States. These are modeled after pub trivia events in Ireland and the UK.

Audio Review: The Flight To Brassbright

“There is a lot of heart to her narration, something that gets across the delightful sense of wonder and discovery that characterized the original book.”…

Constance Speaks!

Narrator Lea Popielinski has given Constance a wonderful voice. The Audio version of The Flight To Brassbright is now available at Audible and Amazon. Enjoy!

Extraordinary Dorks Book Club

I had the honor of participating as my book, The Flight To Brassbright, was discussed by the League of Extraordinary Dorks. :D  It was a lovely evening, as we all perched on floating rocks and land with a nearby air bridge connecting to incoming airships (you can't not love virtual reality)