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Full Steam Ahead To The Holidays

Steamed and Steamy CoverThe holiday season is upon us. And that brings friends, family, gifts, merriment, laughter and… food! Lots and lots of food. Are you looking for fun new ways to liven up a holiday brunch, or perhaps add a new cookie to your traditional dessert tray, or maybe you’d like to try your hand at mulling a wine? Please allow me to turn your gaze towards a handy little cookbook called Steamed and Steamy: Recipes from the Steampunk World of IndustraliaEvery recipe within has been personally approved and tested by characters from the fictional land of Industralia, as featured in The Flight To Brassbright, The Legend Of The Engineer, and the upcoming novel, Down The Tubes. And it’s only $6.00!

Experienced cooks will find these recipes a breeze, while those new to the kitchen arts can easily learn new techniques and dishes. Step by step instructions are spelled out clearly, with no assumptions. While most of the recipes are simple, everyday comfort foods, there’s a good smattering of fancy dishes, and no shortage of rich, decadent desserts, as well as a few surprises.

As my gift to you, here’s a recipe from page 45. Creamed peas are a popular side dish at Miss Ethyl Bonnet’s Bed and Breakfast, ‘The Bonnet House’. As she says about her kitchen staff in The Flight To Brassbright, “I’ll have you know that Cook completed her courses at the Primrose Kitchen Sciences Academy of Port Rivet with distinction. Thanks to her, the Bonnet House offers only the finest of cuisine.” This recipe will save the day when you’re asked to make “just a side dish, anything will do”.  By next year, you’ll be begged to “please make those luscious peas in that silky sauce!”

Green Peas Swimming in Cream Sauce


4 tablespoons butter, room temperature
4 tablespoons white all-purpose flour
2 cups whole milk
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon white granulated sugar (optional)
4 cups frozen peas 


In a quart saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter.
Whisk the flour into the butter until smooth.
Gradually add the milk, whisking it into the flour mixture.
Add salt, add pepper to taste.
Add sugar if a sweeter sauce is desired.
Keep simmering the mixture, stirring frequently, until the sauce comes to a boil.
Keep the mixture boiling for 1 full minute.
Add the frozen peas, and stir them gently into the sauce.
Put the lid on the saucepan and simmer for no more than 5 minutes at medium heat.
Serve immediately.

Peas In A Pod