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International Octopus Day 2022

One of my favorite holidays falls on October 8th (Octo 8!) every year. It’s a day that brings out a delightful kind of creativity in artists, writers and sea creature enthusiasts around the world. It just so happens that the octopus is one of my favorite creatures on our planet. If you are looking for a way to celebrate this fun and enlightening day, here’s some suggestions. Some of them are my own crafts and stuff, others are tantalizing tentacled temptations around the internet. Have fun!

What’s the Date? It’s Octo Eight!
A Resource Guide To Various Octopodian Offerings

“Self Organization” by Artist Courtney Brown. 

If you’d enjoy extending the celebrations, you can!
October 9 is “Nautilus Night.”
October 10 is “Squid Day/Cuttlefish Day”
October 11 is “Kraken Day”
October 12 is “Fossil Day”