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Steamed and Steamy

Steamed and Steamy Cover
It’s published, and I’ve checked over a proof copy and cannot stop hugging it. Tickybox checked on the bucket list! I made a cookbook! And my cover artist, Tanya Paterson, made it look fantastic! Now I can go back to fiction writing. 🙂  

The fictional country of Industralia is populated with creative eccentrics, high-flying airship crews, dazed automatons, brilliantly cracked inventors, adventurous explorers, mischievous kids and more. What they all have in common is a love of food. Breakfast, especially. Well, not the automatons, of course, though many of those serve as waiters or other food service workers. To be born in Industralia is to be born a foodie. This cookbook was inevitable. Within these pages you’ll learn how to cook many of Industralia’s favorite foods, from breakfast right on through to late night snacks. You’ll even learn how to make some traditional “Coal Week” holiday treats.

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