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Behind The Scenes: Editing!

Usually I can’t edit while listening to music with vocals – the words of the music clash with the voices of my characters. Tonight is an exception.  I’ve been happily editing chapter five of the next Brassbright adventure, Down The Tubes, while listening to the 1984 Talking Heads ‘Stop Making Sense’ live concert. I’ve loved that concert since forever!

I’ll share the concert link. If you’ve never met David Byrne, do give him and his friends a listen. If you’ve been away from his genius for a while, it’s time to reconnect.

Here’s where my cursor is on the manuscript right now:

Miss Hannah Vanbrugh lived an unconventional life in unconventional surroundings. This suited her just fine. Her portion of the factory basement was one large expanse, unbroken by room-dividing walls. Hannah showed no inclination to separate her workspace from her living space. In her mind, they were one and the same, as her work was her life. A startlingly ornate brass four-poster bed angled into the room from one corner, its nightstand a crate filled with delicate tissue-wrapped springs. The space that served as her kitchen was a jumble of stove, workbench covered with a strew of gears, a bowl of fruit, a disassembled knitting machine, and most evenings, a stray calico cat she’d started calling Jim.