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What’s Next? Now We Go Down The Tubes!

Teaser Tuesday 02-24-2015

Down the Tubes
Vol. 2 of The Brassbright Chronicles

Brassbright City is the ultimate metropolis, showcasing the best and most brilliant of 19th century technology. Plush hotels feature mechanical ‘tikkerbot’ servants, elevator cars carry people up and down inside buildings, airships dock at the peak of the city’s tallest tower, and the mail service’s pneumatic delivery system is state of the art.

But technology has a way of making mischief—or worse. When the mail service goes awry, that next tube you open may not contain a message meant for you. And your own message may be flying through the wrong tubes this very moment.

Four letters have defied all odds and have landed in the wrong hands. What the citizens of Brassbright City do with their unexpected knowledge and lost words, therein lies our story.

Follow along as Down The Tubes is taken through final re-writes and the editing process. Occasionally I ask for future-reader input and welcome your opinions! Today, at  Brassbright Chronicles Facebook page, you can vote for your favorite name from a list, and help me give a poet laureate her final identity.

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