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Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary… Constance! What’s The Connection?

Meet one of my favorite people. Lea Popielinski is the voice of Constance (and all her friends) in the Audible version of my novel, The Flight To Brassbright. Here she presents a short history of the real Bloody Mary. Mind you, it’s irreverent and it’s a lot of fun. Lea loves trivia, and that passion has led her to hook up with Geeks Who Drink, who bring homegrown Pub Trivia Quiz events to venues all over the United States. These are modeled after pub trivia events in Ireland and the UK.

Click the book cover below to be taken to Audible, where you can hear a small clip of Lea’s work on my novel. I’ve listened to the audio book many times myself—it just makes me happy to hear my characters brought charmingly to life.

Click this book cover to learn more about the spoken word version of "The Flight To Brassbright" at Audible
Click this book cover to learn about Audible’s spoken word version of “The Flight To Brassbright”