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Magnificent Devices Series

It's been a fun journey reading Shelley Adina's Magnificent Devices series these past four years, ever since I randomly stumbled on Book #1, Lady of Devices offered for free as an Amazon promo. I have happily paid for all eleven books in the rest of the series. This afternoon I finished the final book, Fields of Gold (though Shelley Adina, lovely and kind woman that she is, left me a glimmer of anticipation at the end).

My Influential Authors

Over in the Book of Faces, I was tagged by my delightful friend, authorB.G. Thomas to play the Influential Authors Game. Basically, I am to list 15 authors who have influenced me. This doesn’t necessarily mean I enjoy these authors works – I’ll be listing at least one that I find highly disagreeable (will leave it to you to figure out who that is!) Being influenced by an author and liking their work does not always go hand in hand.

A Mile High City. There’s Aether Up There, Right?

Excitement! In March, I'll be attending my first-ever con as a guest author. No, I'm not nervous, why do you ask? *casually snaps pencil in half without noticing*.

I'll be participating in eight panels alongside lots of wonderful authors, including some of my own personal favorites. I'll be trying very hard not to go all fangirl on them. I'll also be judging a costume contest and co-hosting the Grand Tea.

Gendered Reading, or Stories For All?

Are my books written by a 'girl'? Sure. Does The Flight To Brassbright star a girl? Sure. Do I write books purely for girl readers? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I write for everyone. You'll find a variety of characters of all ages and genders in my stories, and occasionally some that aren't even human. (and even if my books only contained girl characters, would that make them unreadable or not meaningful to those who do not identify as girls? NO.) ‪

December 2014 Interview with Prim Perfect

It’s always exciting when a friend writes (and publishes!) a book, and here at Prim Perfect, we are thrilled that our ex-Deputy Editor, Ceejay Writer, has her first book out – available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other platforms, under her real life name of Lori Alden Holuta. We caught up with her to find out all about it!

Do Clockworks Dream of Gear-Toothed Sheep?

A dear, dear friend's dream just became a reality. As we all know, the best dreams come true not so much from sleeping as from hard work. This author has put in the work. An epic fantasy that echoes some of the most beloved classic children's tales of all time, E. P. Isaacs's Do Clockworks Dream of Gear-Toothed Sheep? inspires children to see themselves for who they truly are—and never let go.

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