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Magnificent Devices Series

It’s been a fun journey reading Shelley Adina’s “Magnificent Devices” series these past four years, ever since I randomly stumbled on Book #1, “Lady of Devices” offered for free as an Amazon promo. I have happily paid for all eleven books in the rest of the series. This afternoon I finished the final book, “Fields of Gold” (though Shelley Adina, lovely and kind woman that she is, left me a glimmer of anticipation at the end).

Throughout this long adeventure, I’ve enjoyed watching Lady Claire learn about life, responsibilities and the meaning of being part of a flock, and perhaps even moreso have been fascinated by Gloria Meriweather-Astor, who has become one of the most breathtaking examples of strength, conviction and courage. What great role models abound in this series – Girl power! Men of character! Gender boundaries broken! Thank you for letting me spend time with your amazing characters, Shelley. (And hey everyone! Lady of Devices, Book #1, is still free on Amazon! That was how I discovered the series!) These stories contain so many marvelous characters that younger readers should learn more about – as well as us grown-ups, too. It’s never too late to blossom like a rose.

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