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That Night I Traveled Through Time

This is a memory from 2015. I’m posting it here from a Facebook ‘memory’ that popped up today. Considering the state of social media platforms recently, I am trying to save good memories so they aren’t lost if a social site goes by the wayside.
December 19, 2015
Last night, Ken and I braved the icy Lansing roads (they really were bad!) and went to visit the fine folks that live in Friendship Manor, a retirement community in Lansing. A good friend had organized a Victorian Holiday celebration for the residents, and we were invited to come along dressed in steampunk/Victorian garb. I crocheted a holiday red mob cap and a cream and red collar (which kept slipping to the side, next time it will be safety pinned into submission!)
We were introduced as ‘time travelers’, and I have never, EVER had such a warm, happy welcome as the party guests gave us. Each and every face lit up in response to our interactions. It was an incredible feeling to be able to spark up their evenings with just a smile and a few words. Ken and I also read The Night Before Christmas to the crowd, to much applause, and then we just relaxed and chatted with everyone, while nibbling treats.
I set up a little ‘store in a basket’ with my books arranged in red gift bags and some frippery. Didn’t sell any, but had lots of conversations about my writing, worldbuilding, the value of happy books with content endings. I’ve been invited to come back in February for a night of reading in their library (which is very nice, well stocked, and plush! I want to go hide out there whenever life gets rough!)
Thank you Candice Wilmore for thinking of us, and for making the evening so special for the residents. And thank you for taking these pictures! (Candice is a wonderful photographer). And yes, Ken IS wearing a sprig of glittery pine on his bowler.
Reading “The Night Before Christmas”
Store in a Basket
It was a packed house!