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Why Writers Are Always So Well-Dressed

While tidying up some things, I found this little blog post I wrote for a now dormant site in July, 2013. It still applies today! The title is tongue-in-cheek, I say as I post this while wearing fleece pajama pants, a tank top and socks that match absolutely nothing.

Here’s a funny thing about writing. Nothing brings out the procrastinator in us as much as facing down a half-written manuscript. How many times have you cleaned your entire house or done all the laundry right after saying “I’ll write 1,500 words today!”

On the other hand, the moment a manuscript actually gets finished, we’re far too eager to run right back to the beginning and start revising it immediately – and that’s the time we should be letting procrastination help us out. Most successful writers would advise letting some time pass before starting your second draft, so you can have a bit of distance and objectivity.

Maybe we should immediately crack open a fresh document and announce firmly that we’re going to start the sequel. That should kick in the procrastination urges, and really, don’t you need to clean out your basement anyway?

As much as I encourage others towards good writing habits, I’m the first to slack off myself. I freely admit it! But there’s no need to beat one’s self up about it. Just plant your butt firmly in that chair, open up your manuscript – and five minutes later you’ll be sorting out the colors from the whites and rummaging for your detergent.

Of all the hobbies/pastimes/occupations we could have chosen – why did we choose writing?  It’s not easy. It’s damn frustrating much of the time. You’re not likely to get rich. You’ll be starved for comments and feedback. It’s a solitary task. So… why?

The cliche answer also happens to be the correct answer, for so many of us.  Here is one version of that truth:

I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die.
 ~ Isaac Asimov