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The Literary World Of New Babbage

“The Literary World Of New Babbage”
Designing Worlds on – First aired June 8, 2015
Filmed entirely in the virtual world of Second Life

Join Ceejay Writer (me), Emerson Lighthouse, Bookworm Heinrichs as our hosts Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin interview us in a reading room (and a trolley) within the virtual Steampunk City of New Babbage. What could possibly go wrong?

“…this time we are able to meet three of the people closely involved with the development of New Babbage’s Literary output. We learn about the inspiration for this – the determination that what had been created in New Babbage would live beyond Second Life through publications in the real world. And we hear about some of the writers who have been involved not only in the creation of the three Tales from New Babbage books, but in other literary endeavours too.”


If you are interested in learning more about the literature of New Babbage, here is a reading list.  Author with more than two books published also have a link to their entire Amazon catalog listed.

Michael Staub
Stories about Sam Sloan and his hologram assistant Sarah have been shared at Tall Tales and Outright Lies, a storytelling hour held bi-weekly in New Babbage. Encouraged by listeners eager for more stories, these books have been published. I’d expect to see more of Sam Sloan in the future.
The Case Files of Samuel Sloan, P.I.
Samuel Sloan P.I. Suspicions and Returns

Joe Gatch
Phineas Frakture was an avatar in New Babbage before jumping off to his own adventures!
The Adventures of Phineas Frakture
The Adventures of Phineas Frakture: Steam Wars
Joe Gatch’s Entire Amazon Book List

Sheryl Nantus
While Sheryl primarily writes romance novels, Wild Cards and Iron Horses is a distinctly steampunk western , and was completely written inworld by a little clockwork dragon who frequented the CocoaJava Cafe in New Babbage. The book’s dedication page thanks the city of New Babbage. 
Wild Cards and Iron Horses
Sheryl Nantus’ Entire Amazon Book List

Lori Alden Holuta
Books inspired by the city/state of New Babbage, the author’s virtual home town. The Brassbright concept came to life through a character bio for the New Babbage website that got well out of hand.
The Flight To Brassbright
The Steamkettle Kids Save The Day
Lori Alden Holuta’s Entire Amazon Book List

P.S. Chambers
Captive Sky, Truant Heart is based on a New Babbage avatar named Sky. The publisher, Penny Gaff Publishing LLC, maintains a virtual publishing house in New Babbage.
Captive Sky, Truant Heart (Clockhaven Chronicles Book 1)
Day of the Dragons: The Girl in the Corner… (Clockhaven Chronicles Book 2)

Andrew McCurdy
Emerson Lighthouse, a New Babbage resident, appears in A Drop of the Venom. The publisher, Penny Gaff Publishing LLC, maintains a virtual publishing house in New Babbage. Andrew also has a novella in the works that should be available soon.
A Drop of the Venom: Leviathan’s Bane (Clockhaven Chronicles Book 3)

Maxwell Grantly
The author’s clockwork teddy bear features in Runs Like Clockwork, a story set in New Babbage.  At the time this article was last updated, Maxwell had thirty-five short stories for sale, all illustrated with Second Life photography.
Runs Like Clockwork
Maxwell Grantly’s Entire Book List

Various New Babbage Authors 
Tales of New Babbage: The Steampunk City Volumes 1 – 3

Iron Bay Chef 2: Krakens, Worms and Wiggyfish, Oh My!

Collections of former Flash Fiction contests: Dialogues Volumes 1-5, free in the R.F. Burton Library in New Babbage. Look to the left just as you enter the library.

Curiosities is a fiction anthology zine featuring short stories in the retro “punk” sub-genres that straddle science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It comes out 2 or 3 times a year in ebook and trade paperback formats. The Gallery of Curiosities is a podcast which features stories from the publication. The magazine’s owner and editor is also the owner of the City/State of New Babbage region.


  1. Maxwell Grantly Maxwell Grantly June 13, 2015

    I have only just discovered this website. I do want to thank you for the mention on your website. That is very kind of you.

    • Constance Constance Post author | July 8, 2015

      We’re practically family, thanks to New Babbage. I’m happy to mention your wonderful books, and hope other readers take a look, too!

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