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Hello, Reader? Thank You.

I’m riding a happy wave of encouragement, thanks to the thoughtful and downright amazing reviews that readers have shared for The Flight To Brassbright. This was my debut novel, and I was really nervous how it would be received!  I’m sure at some point I’ll get a bad write-up, but right now I’m beyond grateful to the readers for their thoughtful, well-written reviews.

I feel like a giant weight has been lifted as I realize my characters have connected meaningfully with others.  People ‘get’ Constance! I wrote her (and all of Industralia, really) to be a bit silly and amusing, but with a strong under layer. Thank you for scratching her surface and seeing that she’s a strong woman, just about to realize her full potential.

Now, on we go to the next Brassbright book!  I’m taking your positive encouragement and pushing it into Volume 2, “Down The Tubes”.  This is fun!