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Brassy Marketing

It's A Future Collector's Item! I was in a ‘make all the stuff!’ mood today. After goofing about with various graphics, words and templates, I’ve now got a big fistful of laminated bookmarks, all ready to give away locally. I received some great suggestions from friends after showing off this picture, so the next batch of bookmarks will have a top-punch and shall be laced with ribbons and/or whatnot!  I figure anyone can print a flyer. They usually are glanced at and then tossed. Why not take a tiny step further and make something both informative and also useful? I know personally, I can never have too many bookmarks – but I’m usually reading about nine books at a time.

I also dusted off an ancient CafePress account (from well over a decade ago!) and re-tooled it. There’s a few basic items in the shop tonight, but as time and inclination allow, I’ll add more. If there’s something you’d like to see in there, by all means, let me know.

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