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Posts published in “The Hidden Doors”

Letterlocked and Loaded

Mass-produced envelopes weren’t invented until the 1830s, meaning that most 17th-century letter writers folded their correspondence in such a way that it became its own envelope.

Social Distancing? You Can Safely Approach A Book

Over on my personal website, A License To Quill, I’ve started sharing some tips for getting through the isolation and social distancing many of us are doing right now. Since today’s tip is about free books and stories (including my own) and other forms of free entertainment accessible from home, I thought I would share it here, too. If you return to the home page of my personal site, there’s a few more “Social Distancing 101” posts I wrote about making use of food we normally toss out (going to the grocery store can be daunting!) I’ll continue a daily post as long as we are in isolation.

The Hidden Doors

While "Down The Tubes" is in my editor's hands, I'll be spending July at Camp NaNoWriMo revising an old manuscript. This one focuses on a mystery in Brassbright City, and a tight-knit group of teenagers who are determined to solve it.

I’m Going To Summer Camp!

While the big work of finalizing Novel #2, Down The Tubes, continues slowly, looks like I'll be writing another Steamkettle Kids book in July tucked away in my cabin at Camp NaNoWriMo. The title? Hide and Go Eeek!