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Posts published in “Steamkettle Kids”

Social Distancing? You Can Safely Approach A Book

Over on my personal website, A License To Quill, I’ve started sharing some tips for getting through the isolation and social distancing many of us are doing right now. Since today’s tip is about free books and stories (including my own) and other forms of free entertainment accessible from home, I thought I would share it here, too. If you return to the home page of my personal site, there’s a few more “Social Distancing 101” posts I wrote about making use of food we normally toss out (going to the grocery store can be daunting!) I’ll continue a daily post as long as we are in isolation.

I’m Going To Summer Camp!

While the big work of finalizing Novel #2, Down The Tubes, continues slowly, looks like I'll be writing another Steamkettle Kids book in July tucked away in my cabin at Camp NaNoWriMo. The title? Hide and Go Eeek!

December 2014 Interview with Prim Perfect

It’s always exciting when a friend writes (and publishes!) a book, and here at Prim Perfect, we are thrilled that our ex-Deputy Editor, Ceejay Writer, has her first book out – available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other platforms, under her real life name of Lori Alden Holuta. We caught up with her to find out all about it!

The Steamkettle Kids Save The Day

It’s a warm Saturday in the summer of 1872, and somewhere in Steamkettle Bay, bad things are happening. Can Paisley Pockets and Christopher Cogan stop a crime in progress? They may be just a couple of kids, but where there's a will and, some smarts, there just might be a way