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New Year, New Story

As we all relax and enjoy Coal Week, in anticipation of Refueling Day, I suppose it would be nice if you knew more about the biggest holiday in all of Industralia.  The children of Industralia all know the story well. As my New Year’s gift to you, I offer a short story for the season.

What follows is a holiday story set in Steamkettle Bay, a large port city on the western coast of Industralia. This story features Letitica and Gerard Liddle, characters introduced in my first novel, The Flight To Brassbright. Gerard is a talented inventor who has achieved a modest level of success with his whimsical yet practical household inventions. His wife Letitica is a short, energetic woman who has a habit of mixing up her words, usually with hilarious results. Come now as we join the Liddles, along with their friends and neighbors, in a crowded yet cozy Steamkettle Bay neighborhood called The Narrows. Excitement is building as everyone prepares to welcome in the New Year of 1883.

From now until Wednesday, January 6, 2016, the story is free as a PDF file. Beyond that date, it will be available at Amazon.