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Pyrography! It’s What’s Hot!

Am writing along on a series of short stories set in the Brassbright universe, when I arrive at a scene where I wish for a father to give his son his wood-burning equipment. Since I write in a setting grounded in the Victorian era, I popped out to Google to do some ‘quick research’. Two hours later, I know a lot more than I needed, but a lot less than I wanted to! Did you know the Victorians coined the word Pyrography (fire writing)? Did you know it was quite a fad at the time, with a lot of hobbyists doing ‘poker work’ for fun? There’s a lot out there IF you know how to search. Don’t search wood burning, unless you like stoves.  Search Pyrography or Poker Work. Very interesting topic!

If you’re craving more, here’s a link to an 1893 article that should be bliss for those with an addiction to LOTS of details.