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Putting the Lug in Luggage

While Constance traveled Industralia carrying at the most a carpetbag and a hatbox (and at first, much less!), I do want readers to understand that her circumstance was quite unusual, especially as she really wasn’t able to carry a lot due to the nature of her… flight. 🙂 However! Gail Carriger, the rather brilliant and well-researched author, writes characters that travel in a more historically accurate style. Read an eye-opening post by Gail to learn more about what the well-traveled Victorian era lady would be traveling with. Prudence Extras ~ Primrose’s Packing List for India. No wonder steamer trunks existed.

Gail’s books, by the by, are a delight.  I cannot recommend them highly enough!  If you like your steampunk infused with humor, style, wit, werewolves, fashion, airships, vampires, more fashion, exotic locales and improbable probabilities, do dive in.