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Are you at a loss for the right words to hurl at insufferable folk?

Steampunk Curse Generator
Click the cussin’ man to curse!

Now, through the miracle of ‘automation‘, you can easily conjure clever phrases such as “By the eight tentacles of King Kraken, a watch spring will fly loose, wrecking your best pair of brass goggles.” Try the Steampunk Curse Generator today! Impress your boss, gain the respect of family and friends, promptly dispatch solicitors, scare the dog.

“Industralia is a country made of lots of things I love. It’s Victorian era but without a queen (really!) It’s steampunk. It’s often silly. It’s got clockwork robots. Women aren’t suppressed. Children’s efforts are encouraged. Creativity and smarts are revered.” ~ Lori Alden Holuta

Time travel destination: “A writer’s room in the Victorian era.”

Victorian Comical Amusement

Victorian Comical Amusement
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