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Shredding It Set For Summer Release

Lori's second cookbook releases on the first day of summer 2024, in both eBook and paperback. Your pre-order of the eBook version at Amazon would do wonders for the book's ranking when it releases.

If you prefer to wait until June20th, both versions will be available in a variety of bookstores, including your favorite.

On a cold winter day, Shredding It will help you create a comfort meal to warm the body and soul. On a hot summer afternoon, you can choose from a variety of recipes for cool, refreshingly crisp slaws and creative salads. Knowing how to make a well-tucked savory cabbage roll is an art form you'll soon master. And of course, everyone should have a favorite coleslaw recipe ready to whip up on a moment's notice. Get ready to learn how our grandparents cooked, and explore new dishes using our old friend, the cabbage.

You'll be shredding it in no time!​​​​​​​

And yes... in case you wondered, there IS a dessert section.

Welcome to the World of BrightHope

The Brassbright Chronicle is delivered daily by one of our sooty-faced newsie urchins directly into your rose garden or decorative fountain.

Your airship has brought you to Industralia, the largest continent on BrightHope. Industralia is bursting with eccentric characters hoping you'll listen as they tell you all about their adventures. By the way, that noise you hear in the background is just the Victorian Era groaning under the weight of wild plots filled with anachronisms, puns, wacky humor, steampunky contraptions, and a lot of heart.

Meanwhile, in BlogLand...

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“This is one of my ten-year-old daughter’s “bedstand books.” She keeps it by her bed, and I find her reading it over and over. When she accidentally left her hard copy at home when she went to her grandparents’, we had to get her a soft copy for her tablet. She loves Constance!” – Cathy Karas


“Venture forth into the wilds of your own kitchen to explore the possibilities for flavor and ingredients you encountered in your explorations of Industralia! From carnival peanuts and cotton candy to some hearty meat pies these recipes can help you, or a young friend, cook some of the flavors of adventure.” – Nurseferatu


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