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Sometimes my books make a run for it, then end up caught in roadside free libraries. Delightful.

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Wondering where the author of these fantastical stories might be spotted next?  Just turn to the events page of the Chronicle. All past events are catalogued here as well, as the author occasionally likes to wander down memory lane.


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My apologies, but there will be no Postcards From Industralia newsletter this month. My login information for the site I write the newsletter at is inaccessible at the moment, as we work through replacing a failed hard drive. I'll try to make next months letter doubly exciting, though! ... See MoreSee Less

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[This was originally posted on July 29, 2016, in the AnomalyCon group. The con is now retired, and the FB group will be gone in about a week. I'd like to preserve this post and artwork though, so I'm bringing it here! Fun Trivia Fact: I bought the original piece of artwork for my own collection, since I loved it so much.]

Greetings, Fans!
Have you pre-registered yet? Aside from a cool swag bag and cheaper weekend prices, you also get to participate in our unique AnomalyCards! Cards are only available to pre-registered attendees. Each pre-registered attendee receives a pack of all the same card and can trade around to collect the complete set. These special cards are flash fiction stories written by one of our guests and illustrated by another, for a unique collectible experience.
Today's feature from 2016, AnomalyCard #4: Written by Lori Holuta and Illustrated by Dylan Edwards

If James had been one hour earlier, I’d be alive today. As usual, he lingered in his workshop, attending to his precious cogs and gears instead of joining me for dinner. His obsession with timepieces often led to him not paying attention to the time, and isn’t that the funniest thing? He arrived at the restaurant one hour late. An hour I killed (death has not dampened my sense of humor) by enjoying a cocktail. I hadn’t noticed the taste of bitter almonds laced through my fruity drink. James was too late in every sense of the word. But now, my ghostly form allows me access to places I could never go before. I shall take up residence in James’ favorite clock, and learn to manipulate it. He shall be quite late to the theater, and far too early for church. He shall go mad from not being able to find anything wrong with his clock. But, after all, his tools and magnifying lenses are ill-equipped to locate a ghost in the machinery.
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That time Sparty read The Flight To Brassbright. Go green, go white, go brass! #Sparty ... See MoreSee Less

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Are you at a loss for the right words to hurl at insufferable folk? Now, through the miracle of 'automation', you can easily generate clever phrases such as "By the eight tentacles of King Kraken, a watch spring will fly loose, wrecking your best pair of brass goggles." Try it today! Impress your boss, gain the respect of family and friends, promptly dispatch solicitors, scare the dog.

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(Disclaimer: The Brassbright Chronicle is not responsible for any lawsuits, personal injuries, loss of employment or cream pies to the face that might result from usage of the Steampunk Curse Generator. If generated cursing persists beyond a span of four hours, consult your doctor. Steampunk Curse Generator usage should not be attempted before donning protective eyewear. Always sanitize hands after utilizing Steampunk Curse Generator.)

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