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Where Is The Writer?

Wondering where the author of these fantastical stories might be spotted next?  Please peruse the events page of this fine publication. All past events are catalogued here as well, as the writer herself occasionally likes to wander down memory lane.


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Spotted: Books In The Wild

South Minneapolis Minnesota Little Library

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Are you at a loss for the right words to hurl at insufferable folk? Now, through the miracle of 'automation', you can easily generate clever phrases such as "By the eight tentacles of King Kraken, a watch spring will fly loose, wrecking your best pair of brass goggles." Try it today! Impress your boss, gain the respect of family and friends, promptly dispatch solicitors, scare the dog.

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~Curse Generator~

(Disclaimer: The Brassbright Chronicle is not responsible for any lawsuits, personal injuries, loss of employment or cream pies to the face that might result from usage of the Steampunk Curse Generator. If generated cursing persists beyond a span of four hours, consult your doctor. Steampunk Curse Generator usage should not be attempted before donning protective eyewear. Always sanitize hands after utilizing Steampunk Curse Generator.)

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