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Share A Book!

Earlier this week I came across Bookshare — ‘An Accessible Online Library for people with print disabilities’.

Since my day job is at a large university, I checked with our resource center for persons with disabilities to see what they thought about Bookshare.  I’ve learned that Bookshare is a valued resource for book accessibility for people with print disabilities. My university contributes to their resources every year, as well. Thus reassured, I contacted Bookshare to see if they’d like to add my books to their collection.  After submitting an Author’s Letter of Consent, I was quickly contacted. I emailed .epub versions of both stories yesterday, and today they are live!  The whole experience was quick, easy, respectful and pleasant.

I’d encourage other authors to consider donating copies of their books to Bookshare’s resources. Because everyone should be able to enjoy books!

My Books on Bookshare

The Steamkettle Kids Save The Day

The Flight To Brassbright


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