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A Novel Cookbook

The characters in my stories always seem to be eating, or thinking about food, or wondering where their next meal will come from. I love concocting fun feasts for them. Collecting recipes from my fictional world of BrightHope, particularly the continent of Industralia, makes me happy. I hope these recipes make you happy, too. The next cookbook in this series is going to be all about cabbage! You can’t tell me you ‘slaw’ that coming!

Steamed and Steamy: Recipes from the Steampunk World of Industralia

Steamed and Steamy: Recipes from the Steampunk World of Industralia

$9.00 PaperbackeBook: $3.99
Series: A Novel Cookbook, Book 1
Genres: Cookbook, Steampunk
Tags: eBook, Paperback

Even fictional characters gotta eat. These are their recipes.

Now you can make the favorite foods of the fictional country of Industralia, from breakfast right on through to late night snacks. You’ll even learn how to make traditional New Year's “Coal Week” holiday treats.

​​​​​​​"Ah, the delightful sounds and smells of cooking. And explosions. Or maybe that is just my kitchen... Venture forth into the wilds of your own kitchen to explore the possibilities for flavor and ingredients you encountered in your explorations of Industralia! From carnival peanuts and cotton candy to some hearty meat pies these recipes can help you, or a young friend, cook some of the flavors of adventure." -- Nurseferatu's five-star review

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