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Posts published in “Down the Tubes”

Schroedinger’s Rat Lives!

I wrote the first draft of Down The Tubes in November of 2013, for NaNoWriMo. I had such a great time, too! I loved my concept, utterly and completely. I've always been fascinated by pneumatic mail systems and had a great time hauling them into my universe. I felt so very clever, and especially enjoyed launching the adventure by killing a rat.

Now, approaching two years and two drafts later, that initial thrill has worn off, and I'm seeing the manuscript through more critical eyes.

In Which My Memory Goes Down The Tubes

Have you ever written a bit of fiction, a poem, or perhaps lyrics, and then set it aside for a while, only to come back and feel as if someone else wrote the words? I'm working through rewrites and editing of book two of The Brassbright Chronicles, Down The Tubes, and I've stumbled across a passage I have absolutely no recollection of writing! There should be a word for that, right? It's like reverse deja vu for manuscripts.