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A Mile High City. There’s Aether Up There, Right?

Excitement! In March, I'll be attending my first-ever con as a guest author. No, I'm not nervous, why do you ask? *casually snaps pencil in half without noticing*.

I'll be participating in eight panels alongside lots of wonderful authors, including some of my own personal favorites. I'll be trying very hard not to go all fangirl on them. I'll also be judging a costume contest and co-hosting the Grand Tea.

Gendered Reading, or Stories For All?

Are my books written by a 'girl'? Sure. Does The Flight To Brassbright star a girl? Sure. Do I write books purely for girl readers? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I write for everyone. You'll find a variety of characters of all ages and genders in my stories, and occasionally some that aren't even human. (and even if my books only contained girl characters, would that make them unreadable or not meaningful to those who do not identify as girls? NO.) ‪