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Virtual Book Signing Party

Happy Caturday! Or, Saturday for those of you who aren’t owned by cats.  Today I’m all set to sign and mail out seven copies of The Flight To Brassbright! Every pen in the house has been auditioned; three made the cut. The coffee is hot, and the cat is mercifully asleep, so there’s no danger of a sudden furry attack on my writing hand.

If you would like to order a personalized, signed paperback of The Flight To Brassbright, you certainly can, and I would be delighted.  The book sells for $12.00, the same price as you’ll see on There’s no extra charge for my signature. I do need to add on $3.00 for shipping within the United States, so your total price will be $15.00.  If you are outside of the United States, let’s talk about it. Send me your request, including your shipping address by using the contact form below, and I’ll figure up the postage price for you.

CONTACT FORM: Please use the form below to inquire about shipping beyond the United States, or if you need to send me more details about your order.

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