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The Steamkettle Kids Save The Day
The Flight To Brassbright


The Flight To Brassbright

It’s very fitting that J.B. Garner has reviewed my book, The Flight To Brassbright, at his ‘Starving Author’ site, which carries a fun foodie-theme throughout. Please visit J.B. Garner – Musings of a Starving Author, and look for his review of my book at Starving Interview: Lori Alden Holuta

Excellent adventure and fun to picture the travels and travails of a young girl who becomes a young lady in the strangest of ways. I do hope the next Brassbright saga will come out very soon. This author has a way of sharing her characters that make it easy to picture them. Lots of fun reading. ~ Cecil at

I loved this! Flight to Brassbright appeals to my inner child’s desire for adventure and independence as well as my (mostly) grown up desire for really well written stories that capture my imagination and hold my attention. This is also a great introduction to Steampunk literature, if you are new to the genre, as I am. I really can’t wait to see what happens next in Brassbright, and I hope to hear more of Constance’s adventures! ~ Tricia at

A lovely adventure – kept me wanting to know what happened next! Clever writing about a young lady following her dreams. ~ Joyce Wagner at

When I was the same age as our hero at the beginning of her story, my mother would take me to our local library branch all the time. There, I found Eleanor Cameron’s ‘Mushroom Planet’ series, Isaac Asimov’s ‘Lucky Starr’ series, and so many other fascinating and thoughtful tales that let my mind travel universes I would never be able to visit any other way. I wish I could have found ‘The Flight to Brassbright’ as well at that period in my life.

I’m especially pleased, from an older and more world-aware viewpoint, of the extremely positive and varied portrayals of girls and women; there’s never enough of that, and especially in books which are likely to have stronger and longer-lasting impressions. It doesn’t make it a ‘girl book’, however; there’s interesting boys and helpful men as well, and enough technology to suit any LEGO-mad builder.


Ms Holuta has a lovely grasp of language, and is descriptive without being ornate (this from someone who fancies Tolkein’s paragraphs!). She has an excellent sense of pacing, leaving a sense of too short a book at the nonetheless well-chosen stopping point for this early part of Constance’s tale without leaving the reader unsatisfied or fidgety due to dangling threads.


Librarians are strongly urged to find a way to purchase this title for school and civic collections. ~ Corgi, “Hound of the Internet” at

Let Constance grab you by the hand and bring you along on her trip across Industralia. She (and her author) are fine storytellers with buckets of descriptive phrases and can-do optimism. I hope we don’t have to wait long to hear more from both of them. ~ Chris B. at

This magical story introduced me to a new universe, one in which I hope to spend a great deal more time. The descriptions are fanciful and imaginative; the characters realistic and compelling. I heartily recommend this book for young adults to whet their appetite for storytelling, and to other older folks who need to remember what is really important in the big scheme of things. Thanks, Ms. Holuta, for this wonderful book. ~ SayRayJ, RN, at

Pre-read this YA novel before I turned it over to my children to read, and have been delighted with the story, the characters, and the wonderful feel of Industralia. It is a story that anyone who loves language and strong characters will enjoy, regardless of age. ~ Newtons at
Lori, just finished your book and all I can say is BRAVO!!!!!!! I was very entertained from the first page to the last, and the characters were absolutely delightful! I am waiting with bated breath for the sequel! ~ David Driscoll
Mad, wunderbar debut from Lori Holuta that focuses squarely at teens along with young adults (and the young-at-heart). Very clever and a good, hearty chuckle or three tucked away in there. Uplifting stuff all round. ~ Andrez Bergen
Lori Alden Holuta’s debut novel is a delightful read that will appeal to teens and young adults as well as some not-so-young adults. The tone is light and witty–I found myself smiling often at a turn of phrase or laughing at a clever twist–and the themes are positive and uplifting.In “The Flight to Brassbright” Holuta has crafted the world of Industralia where the protagonist tells her story of finding her freedom and the quirky characters who help her along her way. On her journey she learns that everyone has a tale to tell, including herself, and that people like to hear each other’s stories. I know I’m certainly looking forward to future stories out of Industralia through Holuta’s quill. ~ Mark J. Nofsinger at
A wonderful first YA novel by Lori Holuta.From the first chapter, the clever and able young woman protagonist is demonstrating a knack for finding adventures and a talent for storytelling. Cleverly written to be friendly to the younger crowd, with well crafted layers and subtext that will intrigue and charm adults as well. A great one to read aloud. This book ably overcomes the challenge of writing adept and competent female characters without patronizing them or beating the reader over the head with “Message here”. ~ Stephanie W. Harper at
Circus players, daring-do and a good bit of sass. Written by a friend who has been telling similar tales at the fires of our people. ~ A Voice Made For Print 

The Steamkettle Kids Save The Day


An enchanting tale to be enjoyed by all. This is an easy to follow trip through a young girl’s life and adventures. I didn’t want it to end and can’t wait for the next adventure. ~ Cecil at


What a fun short story for any age! A must read! I also recommend following up with The Flight to Brassbright by the same author. ~ David Driscoll at


This is a lovely tale, with fun characters that easily leap from the page into the imagination. The neo-Victorian world of Brassbright appeals, while neither being cloyingly sweet nor darkly dystopian. This is a short, sweet taste of a new-old world, and I look forward to visiting and getting more familiar with this place, its history, foibles, glories and its peoples, heroes and villains alike. ~ Eli Edwards at


I quickly identified with the heroine, a Miss Paisley Pockets.  For the size of the story, the author does a very good job of telling the reader about her – just enough about her – to move the story forward and make the reader want to connect with her.  She seems like “Little Orphan Annie Meets Huck Finn.” ~ Do Clock-Works Dream of Gear-Toothed Sheep?

I’m well above the age bracket for this short story, but I still found it a clever and entertaining story! I look forward to reading the new story coming out in 2015! ~ Tricia at

Little Rascals meets steampunk!
Quick read for adults, maybe a longer one for the kids it is intended for, that is much like watching an old episode of Our Gang shorts. No dreadful lace and velvets on these urchins! ~ tenkism at


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