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Posts published in “Real Life Historical Information”

The First Christmas Cards

Christmas cards were first sent during the Victorian era. Learn more about this tradition, and also learn about some Victorian Christmas decorations and gifts, with this interesting article from Victoriana Magazine.

AnomalyCon 2016 – The Mad Science of Victorian Cooking

I wanted to share the notes that I used at AnomalyCon 2016 in Denver, Colorado during my featured hour. Remember, this isn't meant to be a formal article. It's a collection of information. If you find something in particular you'd like to know more about, I encourage you to hit google and I'm betting you will find dozens of articles on anything mentioned here. I did!

Pyrography! It’s What’s Hot!

Am writing along on a series of short stories set in the Brassbright universe, when I arrive at a scene where I wish for a father to give his son his wood-burning equipment. Since I write in a setting grounded in the Victorian era, I popped out to Google to do some 'quick research'. Two hours later, I know a lot more than I needed, but a lot less than I wanted to!