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Posts published in “Freebies”

Library of Congress: Free Classic Books

The Library of Congress is a great resource for avid readers. You can find lots of classic books to read online... for free!

Want A Free Book?

To celebrate Audible's release of "The Steamkettle Kids Save The Day" as an audio book, the Kindle version of the story can be yours for FREE starting Monday June 5th, through Friday June 9th. Christopher Cogan, Paisley Pockets and little Jimmy Cupper all want you to nick a copy and follow along on their adventures!

Full Steam Ahead To The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us! And that brings friends, family, gifts, merriment, laughter and... food! Lots and lots of food. Are you looking for fun new ways to liven up a holiday brunch, or perhaps add a new cookie to your traditional dessert tray, or maybe you'd like to try your hand at mulling a wine?