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Prim Perfect Interview

Prim Perfect Magazine interviewed me last week! Learn my thoughts on women in Steampunk literature, the burden of colonialism, why I write steampunk 'my way' and how I originally became a steampunk.

eBook Stocking Stuffer

Attention Parents! Are you giving your child a Kindle this Christmas? Wouldn't it be nice to have a story all loaded up on the new device for your darling to read and enjoy? Coming THIS THURSDAY, December 18th, at, a short (22 pages) Steampunky story set in The Brassbright Chronicles universe, written just for pre-teens. Pre-order now and you'll be all set for Christmas day! ONLY 99 CENTS!

Acquaintance Cards

“When are you going to pay the old lady for your last week’s washing?” I blame Gail Carriger for having lost nearly my entire day…