Motor City Steam Con 2017

Will I see you at Motor City Steam Con? I hope so!

Extraordinary Dorks Book Club

“The League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club meets twice monthly within Second Life: 2nd Monday 7pm SLT for our book of the month, 4th Monday for our movie of the month.” On August 8, 2016, I had the honor of participating as my book, The Flight To Brassbright, was discussed by the League of Extraordinary Dorks. 😀  It was a lovely evening, as we all perched on floating rocks and land with a nearby air bridge connecting to incoming airships (you can’t not love virtual reality) And here is the transcript! Mako Kungfu: yay hi ceejay! cat: hi ceejay! Ceejay Writer: HIYA! Sehra Kauffman: hI Ceejay! Gailyana Mehler: hello cat: are those THE wings Ceejay Writer: YES they are! Mako Kungfu: oh awesome 🙂 Ceejay Writer: Gimme a sec, moving like a snail. Gailyana Mehler: yay Ceejay Writer: Also do you guys use chat or voice? cat: excellent! cat: we type cat: hello loki Gailyana Mehler: hello loki Loki: hi everyone Ceejay Writer: YAY cause since Windows 10 , I am having trouble setting voice. cat: oh okay good cat: we are a typey book club Loki: typing is more fool proof cat: hello ariel! Loki: especially for people with family around 🙂 Ariel Wingtips: hello Ceejay Writer: Im so glad. I prefer to type. cat: i think we are just waiting for coyote cat: mako did you just rez yourself a pillow? cat: lol Gailyana Mehler: hello Ari Ariel Wingtips: hi! cat: oh ariel! Mako Kungfu: lol i’m trying to put down seats! cat: where is your poop Ceejay […]

Wrapup: Motor City Steam Con 2016

Your intepid writerthing was at Motor City Steam Con the weekend of July 22-24, 2016, both as a gawking fangirl and also as a guest writer and panelist. Here’s my favorite memories of a wonderful weekend.