Fantasy Faire 2017

Celebrating its ninth year, Fantasy Faire 2017 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world.

Motor City Steam Con 2017

Will I see you at Motor City Steam Con? I hope so!

Extraordinary Dorks Book Club

“The League of Extraordinary Dorks Book Club meets twice monthly within Second Life: 2nd Monday 7pm SLT for our book of the month, 4th Monday for our movie of the month.” On August 8, 2016, I had the honor of participating as my book, The Flight To Brassbright, was discussed by the League of Extraordinary Dorks. 😀  It was a lovely evening, as we all perched on floating rocks and land with a nearby air bridge connecting to incoming airships (you can’t not love virtual reality) And here is the transcript! Mako Kungfu: yay hi ceejay! cat: hi ceejay! Ceejay Writer: HIYA! Sehra Kauffman: hI Ceejay! Gailyana Mehler: hello cat: are those THE wings Ceejay Writer: YES they are! Mako Kungfu: oh awesome 🙂 Ceejay Writer: Gimme a sec, moving like a snail. Gailyana Mehler: yay Ceejay Writer: Also do you guys use chat or voice? cat: excellent! cat: we type cat: hello loki Gailyana Mehler: hello loki Loki: hi everyone Ceejay Writer: YAY cause since Windows 10 , I am having trouble setting voice. cat: oh okay good cat: we are a typey book club Loki: typing is more fool proof cat: hello ariel! Loki: especially for people with family around 🙂 Ariel Wingtips: hello Ceejay Writer: Im so glad. I prefer to type. cat: i think we are just waiting for coyote cat: mako did you just rez yourself a pillow? cat: lol Gailyana Mehler: hello Ari Ariel Wingtips: hi! cat: oh ariel! Mako Kungfu: lol i’m trying to put down seats! cat: where is your poop Ceejay […]