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The Flight To Brassbright

The Flight To Brassbright
$12.00eBook: $2.99
Series: The Brassbright Chronicles, Book 1
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Steampunk, Young Adult
Tags: AudioBook, eBook, Paperback
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
Narrator: Lea Popielinski
Illustrator: Bob Brown
ASIN: 1514382210
ISBN: 9781311089182

Constance is a wild, stubborn young girl growing up poor in a small industrial town in the late 1800's. Beneath her thread-worn exterior beats the heart of a dreamer and a wordsmith. But at age twelve, she’s orphaned. Running away to join the circus—like kids do in adventure books—seems like such a brilliant idea… or is it?

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About the Book

Constance only ever wanted to do things her own way. She was pretty good at it too. A stubborn young bookworm with a penchant for picking the lock on the local book shop late at night to enjoy her own private reading room, Constance fed the dreams that carried her mind far away from her poverty-laden life. Reality yanked her back to earth with a thump when her single mother passed away, leaving twelve-year-old Constance on her own. As local authorities schemed to tame the bewildered orphan, she quickly made her own plans. The last thing she wanted was to do things somebody else’s way.

Running away to join the circus seemed such a good idea… at the time. What she found was quite a different story. But this is her story, and the next chapters would be written with her very own pen. Now, Constance is nearly eighteen. She’s fed up with the constraints of life under the big-top, and ready to dust off those old dreams of independence once again. But first, she’s going to need a cunning escape plan.

Welcome to Industralia, circa 1895 in a world that until now has been overlooked. All over the continent, towns and cities are teeming with brilliantly cracked inventors, quirky citizens, high-flying airships, dazed automatons and wildly creative eccentrics at every turn. Constance’s little world is about to get a whole lot bigger. What could possibly go wrong?

A lovely adventure - kept me wanting to know what happened next! Clever writing about a young lady following her dreams.
This author has a way of sharing her characters that make it easy to picture them. Lots of fun reading.
I loved this! Flight to Brassbright appeals to my inner child's desire for adventure and independence as well as my (mostly) grown up desire for really well written stories that capture my imagination and hold my attention.
The Flight To Brassbright is a beautiful coming of age story that shows that although dark days loom over us all, a positive outlook on life can make even the worse situations feel better.
About the Author
Lori Alden Holuta

Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables, teas and herbs, when she’s not playing games with a cat named Chives. She’s fond of activities from the past, including canning and preserving, crocheting, reading in the dark, and cooking.

Her lifelong fascination with the Victorian era dovetails nicely with articles she has written for The Primgraph, a magazine which focused on historical eras in virtual worlds, as well as music and book reviews for Steampunk Magazine.

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