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A Life Invented

A Life Invented
$5.40eBook: $2.99
Series: Steampunk Kids, Book 3
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Middle Grade, Steampunk
Tags: AudioBook, eBook, Paperback
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 32 pages
ISBN: 1537272829

Gerard Liddle is a young kid growing up in the late 1800s in the idyllic town of Quartz Corners. He's already tinkering around with his very first inventions - which sometimes work, and sometimes do unexpected things.

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About the Book

A Life Invented contains four short stories. Each one follows Gerard as he invents something new, always with unexpected results.

Ms. Lori Alden Holuta's stories are always rays of sunshines. With an ever positive look on society (without hiding the occasional dark spots), they really stand out in the too often dark take of Steampunk literature. This little book is no exception. No dark and convoluted plot, just an inquisitive young mind trying to do good.
– Stéréo
Lori Alden Holuta has brought us a timeless tale of learning through trial-and-error in the best traditions of young adult fiction
Ray RN
About the Author
Lori Alden Holuta

Lori Alden Holuta lives between the cornfields of mid-Michigan, where she grows vegetables, teas and herbs, when she’s not playing games with a cat named Chives. She’s fond of activities from the past, including canning and preserving, crocheting, reading in the dark, and cooking.

Her lifelong fascination with the Victorian era dovetails nicely with articles she has written for The Primgraph, a magazine which focused on historical eras in virtual worlds, as well as music and book reviews for Steampunk Magazine.

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